Maintenance and Repairs

We offer A, B and C services on a pre-booking system. It is important to ensure your vehicle is kept at high performance levels, thus improving your fuel consumption, driving dynamics and wear and tear of your engine affording you safe and reliable travel.

Vehicle Suspension

Suspension components, both front and rear, must be in good working condition. Suspension plays a pivotal role in the stability of the vehicle hence it is important that you keep it checked and replaced especially if the car is old.


We stock various well-known brands for your convenience and preference. We offer a wide range of sizes for the following brands Dunlop, Continental, Apollo and Triangle. As a general guide tyres should be changed once the thread is down to 1.6mm from the original size.

Wheel Alignment

We offer you computerized wheel alignment for heavy duty trucks up to 5 tonne(s) trucks and light commercial vehicles. Tyres need to be looked after in order for them to last longer. Therefore, it is important to keep your wheels aligned through our modern and high tech wheel alignment machine at affordable prices.

Wheel Balancing

For all light commercial vehicles and trucks it is necessary and cost effective regardless of how well or how little you drive to have your vehicle balanced. Tyres do eventually wear down over time due to unbalanced tires. We offer digital wheel balancing. It should be wear out


Is your exhaust blowing? Is your vehicle losing power or do you have high fuel consumption? These problems could be caused by a faulty exhaust, let us check and repair your exhaust and save your time and money.


Our batteries range from light commercial vehicle batteries to heavy duty batteries with a one year warranty. We fit and sell brand new batteries from reputable brands that have high performance standards, inclusive in our battery range are Exide and Tauras batteries.

On board brake disk skimming

We have the competence to re-surface the brake discs to manufacturer’s specification, saving you money and restoring your safety Brake disc skimming is a lower cost alternative to brake disc replacement.


Light Focusing

While driving at night have you ever noted your lights beaming high in the trees or wide on the side road. This is a light focusing problem; we can electronically refocus your light so that you have the best view ahead of you.

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